The Sun and How to Observe It

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  • Contains the latest, up-to-date information on techniques that amateur astronomers can use to observe the Sun
  • Explains the very latest thinking on solar physics in mostly non-mathematical terms
  • Includes details on the newest Hydrogen-alpha and Calcium-K line telescopes now available at affordable prices

Without the Sun, all life on Earth would perish. But what exactly do we know about this star that lights, heats, and powers Earth?

Actually, we know quite a lot, thanks mainly to a host of eager solar observers. Looking directly at the Sun is EXTREMELY hazardous. But many astronomers, both professional and amateur, have found ways to view the Sun safely to learn about it.

You, too, can view the Sun in all of its glorious detail. Some of the newest, most exciting telescopes on the market are affordable to amateur astronomers or even just curious sky watchers, and with this guide to what the Sun has to offer, including sunspots, prominences, and flares, plus reviews of the latest instruments for seeing and capturing images of the Sun, you can contribute to humankind’s knowledge of this immense ball of glowing gases that gives us all life.

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Author Jamey L. Jenkins
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Publisher Springer
Book Format Paperback
Pages 210
Illustrations 72 illus., 8 in color
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ISBN-13 978-0-387-09497-7
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