The Radio Sky and How to Observe It

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  • Provides all the background material needed to appreciate and understand the astronomy of the major radio sources that are observable by amateurs
  • Contains the information necessary to build and use a low cost backyard radio telescope
  • No previous experience in electronics is required
  • Gives plans for a simple ’cook-book’ radio telescope that can be built in a weekend!
We have learned a great deal about our universe not only by looking at the sky through optical telescopes but also by listening to it! Although in the past most of the great discoveries have been made by professional radio astronomers using large radio telescopes built for institutions, today even amateurs can build and use small radio telescopes and make discoveries that can contribute to the general store of knowledge. And you don’t need to be an electronics genius or rich! Jeff Lashley, in this comprehensive guide to the science and art of putting together and using a small radio telescope, will lead you through the process and help you to understand what to listen for. Filled with projects and tips and great advice, he can get you underway in a hurry and help you to decode what you are hearing. So if you’ve been doing amateur astronomy for a while and want to expand beyond what you can see with your eyes, this is a direction you should consider going in. Or, if you’ve dabbled in building radios for years and want to try something new, this can be a way to expand your hobby. Either way, start now listening to the fireworks going on all around you—you’ll be amazed!
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Author Jeff Lashley
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Publisher Springer
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Pages 236
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