The Herschel Objects and How to Observe Them

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  • Fills a clear need for new celestial targets for amateur astronomers
  • Devoted to viewing the deep-space discoveries of Sir William Herschel, the greatest visual observer and astronomer that ever lived
  • Provides vivid visual descriptions and new CCD electronic images of the best Herschel objects
  • Examines fascinating aspects of the Herschel Catalogue such as the mysterious "missing" Herschel objects
Deep-sky observers are always on the lookout for new observing challenges. The Herschel Objects, and How to Observe them offers an exciting opportunity to retrace the footsteps of Sir William Herschel, discoverer of Uranus and arguably the greatest visual observer and celestial explorer that ever lived! Following a biography of Herschel that details his life and the telescopes he used, this practical observer’s guide lists all the most impressive of Herschel’s star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. More than 600 of the brightest of the objects that Herschel observed are covered, and there are detailed descriptions and images of almost 200 of the very best Herschel objects for amateur astronomers.
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Author Mullaney, James
Illustrator N/A
Editor N/A
Foreword by N/A
Publisher Springer
Book Format Paperback
Pages 168
Illustrations 90
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ISBN-13 978-0-387-68124-5
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