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Silicon carbide #60 is an abrasive used during the rough grinding stage of making a telescope mirror. Please enter the number of units next to each size of packaged grit you would like. Then click "Add to Cart."

Silicon Carbide is a black abrasive grain that is used to grind away glass from your mirror blank to form your desired curve. The #60 grit, a particularly rough grain is used during the initial rough grinding, or "hogging", stage of mirror grinding. Its course size allows it to grind away a lot of glass in a short time. This leaves small fractures in the glass that are smoothed out by grinding with smaller and smaller grains as you progress in your work.

All of our abrasive grains and powders come in sealed jars. This keeps them safe from contamination during shipping and later when you are using them. We recommend that you have only one abrasive size at your work space at a time. This will lower the risk of cross contamination of grain sizes which can lead to scratches on your mirror (not to mention lost time having to go back a few grain sizes back to correct the problem). We have also labeled both the jar and lid to make sure each pair is kept together.

When you have finished with this abrasive be sure to clean your yourself, your work space, and your jar thoroughly. You do not want a stray spec of grit lodged in your fingernail or stuck to your shirt to find its way to your mirror after you have started working with the next size.

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