Setting-Up a Small Observatory: From Concept to Construction

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  • Helps you decide whether you really need an observatory, what type you should choose, where you should put it
  • Hints on how to get family and neighbors to agree to it
  • Helps makes the most costly decision of all – whether to build it or buy it
  • Suggests what telescopes and other equipment you should put in it

Every amateur astronomer who is considering a purpose-built observatory will find this book absolutely invaluable during both the planning and the construction stages. Drawing on David Arditti’s practical experience and that of many other amateur astronomers, it gives invaluable help in making all the important decisions.

To begin with, Setting up a Small Observatory addresses what you really need from an observatory, whether to build or buy, what designs you should consider, and where you should site it. Uniquely, it also considers the aesthetics of an amateur observatory: how to make it fit in with your home, garden, and yard, even disguising it as a more common garden building if necessary.

There’s also a wealth of practical details for constructing and equipping your small observatory – everything from satisfying local planning laws and building codes through to making sure that your completed observatory is well-equipped, convenient, and comfortable to use.

Whether you are considering a simple low-tech DIY approach to a fixed observatory, or aspiring to a sophisticated domed building, there is something here for you.

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Author David Arditti
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Publisher Springer
Book Format Paperback
Pages 240
Illustrations 115
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ISBN-13 978-0-387-34521-5
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