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Gugolz #55 Pitch - 1/2 lb
Gugolz #55 Pitch - 1 lb
Gugolz #55 Pitch - 1 kg

Gugolz is a time tested optical pitch. Pictured is the 1 kg unit. If you need help selecting the correct pitch visit our help page: Selecting Optical Pitch.

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How much do I need?
1/2 lb: < 5" mirrors
1 lb: 5" - 8" mirrors
1 kg: 10" - 12.5" mirrors

Gugolz is a time tested optical pitch that is a very viscous substance that appears solid, but can flow and change shape when heated and put under pressure. It is made from natural wood resins and does not contain any petrolium products. This pitch is used to make a pitch lap that, in combination with a polishing compound, is used to polish a telescope mirror to a very smooth surface that can be coated with a reflective coating. The pitch lap is able to polish and refine the mirror shape so well because over time the shape of the pitch can flow and match the curvatures of the mirror being worked on.

A pitch lap is made by pouring melted pitch onto a base, which is usually made from plaster, wood or glass. The unpolished mirror, coated with a releasing agent (usually a little bit of watered down polish) is then pressed into the still warm pitch in order to conform the two shapes. Channels are then pressed or cut in to allow movement of the polishing agent. We will soon add a more detailed page on this process.

Gugolz 55 is a soft pitch designed to be used for polishing in an ambient temperature range of 60-65 °F. If you need help selecting the correct pitch visit our page: Selecting Optical Pitch.

More Information
Hardness Very Soft
Melting Point 125 °F (52-55 °C)
Working Temperature 60-65 °F
Technical Information Not Available
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