Astronomical Sketching: A Step-by-Step Introduction

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  • Provides step-by-step tutorials in popular media from pencil to computer graphics
  • Offers detailed descriptions of required supplies and equipment for each medium
  • Allows the amateur astronomer to choose between several accurate record keeping forms that describe the time, telescope configuration and conditions during the sketch
  • Exposes the reader to fine examples of historical and contemporary astronomical sketches
  • Teaches the best techniques for preserving and archiving drawings

At some time we have all gazed through the telescope eyepiece at the magnificent rings and banded globe of Saturn, or seen long shadows reaching across crater floors at the Moon’s terminator – and wondered at the sheer beauty of the sight.

It seems almost anachronistic to think of sketching when CCD imaging is available, but astronomical sketching provides an entirely different and deeply personal experience. It means spending time at the eyepiece to really look at what you can see, training your eye to perceive ever greater detail to take the fullest advantage of your telescope's light grasp and resolution.

And of course, good astronomical sketches are artwork in themselves, for display and decoration in the home or observatory.

Astronomical Sketching is as an easy, step-by-step introduction to sketching celestial objects. It brings together five talented astronomical sketch artists, each of whom has a unique mastery of the media along with the ability to teach their own techniques.

Here is a wealth of knowledge, tips and techniques for every aspiring astronomical artist!

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Author R. Handy, D.B. Moody, J. Perez, E. Rix, S. Robbins
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Publisher Springer
Book Format Paperback
Pages 198
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