12.5 Inch Telescope Mirror Kit

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Save money and time by purchasing a telescope mirror kit. This kit includes an 12.5 inch telescope mirror blank, all the silicon carbide grits, white aluminum oxide powders, gugolz pitch, and cerium oxide polishyou will need to grind and polish an 12.5 inch telescope mirror all bundled in one spot. This will get you on a great start to building your own telescope.

Do you want to build your own telescope? While it may seem like an impossible task to complete on your own at home, it really is very possible to make a top quality instrument that can even surpass many telescopes that you can find at a store. An 12.5 inch aperture telescope does generally require some experience in telescope mirror making. If this is your first time building a telescope you may want to start with a 6 inch or a 8 inch telescope mirror kit.

The first and key piece that you will need to make for your telescope is the primary, or objective, mirror. You will grind your mirror blank with smaller and smaller abrasives until you have produced a spherical or paraboloidal surface. Once the final polishing and testing steps are completed you will send your mirror off to receive a reflective coaiting. The process takes some time and patience but through a little knowledge and the law of averages you will produce an excellent telescope mirror.

This kit includes your telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives, polish, and pitch needed to grind, figure and polish your telescope mirror. We also carry a variety of books on telescope making that can teach you the full process if you need instruction.

Before long you will be up late at night discovering the universe through a top quality instrument made by your own hands!

This kit Includes:
- One 12.5 inch telescope mirror blank
- 2 lb Gugolz Pitch
- 1 1/2 lb Silicon Carbide #60
- 1 lb Silicon Carbide #80
- 1 lb Silicon Carbide #120
- 3/4 lb Silicon Carbide #220
- 1/2 lb Silicon Carbide #320
- 1/2 lb White Aluminum Oxide 25 Micron
- 1/2 lb White Aluminum Oxide 15 Micron
- 1/4 lb White Aluminum Oxide 9 Micron
- 1/4 lb White Aluminum Oxide 5 Micron
- 1 lb Cerium Oxide Polish

Need materials for a grinding tool and/or polishing lap? Check out our tools page for plaster and tiles.

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