Science In Your Hands!

We believe that planet Earth is the best place in the solar system, if not the galaxy, to live. For this reason we try to conduct our business in a way that minimizes impact or even improves our environment. Please take a few moments to read about what we are currently doing to help the environment and ways that you can help to make that impact even greater.

Reduce and Reuse - Since our business involves mostly on-line ordering and shipping of products we use a lot of carboard boxes and package filler (bubble wrap, foam, paper, etc). We have partnered with a few local businesses in our area to collect the shipping materials they receive from their deliveries. Instead of all of that material going into the garbage or even being recycled after only one use we give it a second life. Since we opened business in 2010 100% off our package filler has been salvaged from our friends and neighboring businesses. Not a single foam peanut has been created on our behalf. 50% of cardboard boxes we use are also salvaged.

Recycle - We still collect any of the material that is gathered by our partners that is not suitable for reuse and we send it to our local recycling center.Recycle

How can You Help? - Most of the materials we use can still have a longer life after your receive them. Please do your best to reuse these for your own shipping or crafting needs. If you do not have a need for them please pass them on to a local business or even a packing and shipping center like a UPS Store. They will appreciate the free material and will put them to good use. Remember that all of the cardboard and packing paper are recyclable.

The only new materials we use are in the form of flat-rate USPS boxes. We use these to help minimize shipping costs to our customers when possible. These boxes are recyclable as well so we encourage you to reuse or recycle them if your receive one from us.