Moon Gazer's Wheel

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Just rotate the chart to match the Moon in the sky with the phase illustrations shown in the cutout. When the phases match, it tells you:

  • The name of the phase
  • The Moon’s position in orbit
  • The day of the lunar month
  • The Moon’s rise and set time
  • The time of day, or night that this phase is visible in the sky
The Moon Gazers’ Wheel is a unique, new interactive guide to the Moon - sure to make Moon gazing fun, informative and easy for anyone to do. The Moon Gazer's Wheel provides all you will ever need to know about the Moon in the palm of your hand. A wonderful field guide to explore our Moon and the celestial workings behind its ever-changing face.
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Author Bob Crelin
Illustrator Leslie Evans
Editor -
Foreword by -
Publisher Charlesbridge
Book Format Non-traditional book
Pages -
Illustrations -
Dimensions -
ISBN-13 978-0-615-29349-2
ISBN-10 0-615-29349-2
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