Astronomy for Beginners

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Each year as Earth cruises through space a number of amazing and remarkable events occur. For example, like clockwork, we’ll run head-on into asteroid and cometary debris that spreads shooting stars across our skies. On occasion we’ll get to watch the disk of the Moon passing the Sun, casting its shadow upon the face of the Earth, and sometimes we’ll get to watch our own shadow as it glides across the face of the Moon. The Sun’s path will constantly change across the daytime sky, as will the stars and constellations at night. During this time, we’ll also get to watch the other majestic planets in our solar system wander the skies, as they, too, circle the Sun in this elaborate celestial dance.

Astronomy explains the patterns of the heavens, the equinoxes and the solstices, the major meteor showers, and the solar and lunar eclipses. It’s a guided tour of the solar system and beyond and explains how the way we measure time itself is intimately related to celestial phenomena. Astronomy not only helps readers become experts in space and time, it’s also a fun ride!

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Author Jeff Becan
Illustrator Sarah Becan
Editor Merrilee Warholak and Dawn Reshen-Doty
Foreword by -
Publisher For Beginners LLC
Book Format Paperback
Pages 160
Illustrations Black and white illustrations throughout
Dimensions 9.0h x 6.0w x 0.38d inches
ISBN-13 9781934389256
ISBN-10 1934389250
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