1.30" Elliptical Secondary Mirror

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  • Size: 1.30"
  • Quality: λ/10 Minimum
  • Type: Elliptical Flat Diagonal Mirror
  • Coating: 98% Enhanced Aluminium Coating

Our secondary elliptical mirrors are made from high quality low expansion glass with enhanced aluminum coatings. Before the finished side is started the backs are ground flat to a 20 micron finish. Once the main face is ground and polished into a high quality flat it is tested both before and after being coated. The minimum standard is 1/10 wave. All of our elliptical flats are coated with a three layer enhanced aluminum coating with a peak reflection of 98% in the visible spectrum. Please note that a print out of optical testing is unfortunately not available for these small mirrors.

Manufactured by: Ostahowski Optics

More Information
Optic Type Elliptical Flat
Coating 98% Enhanced Aluminum
Glass Type Supremax® 33 Borosilicate Glass
Minor Axis 1.30"
Major Axis 1.84"
Thickness -
Weight 0.06 lb
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